In 1976, The House of Bijan began establishing its global business in Beverly Hills by designing seasonal collections as well as complete wardrobes and accessories for the most powerful men in the world. The fashion house was spearheaded by its founder and designer, Bijan Pakzad and his business partner and long time friend, Dar Mahboubi, who built an empire together based on the simple principle of quality and exclusivity.
The company expanded in 1983 with the opening of an expansive New York Fifth Avenue Showroom adjacent to the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan. In 1987 the launch of the Bijan Fragrance division brought much accolade and a wider appeal to the brand making the name Bijan even more recognizable. Besides winning many awards and honors, including numerous FIFI Awards, the Bijan collection of fragrances was the number one selling fragrance in many department stores internationally. By 2022, the Bijan Classic perfume bottle is now featured in a permanent display in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.
In 2010, a design collaboration agreement between the House of Bijan and Rolls-Royce Motor cars as well as world famous Bugatti was established. In 2018, the House of Bijan announced its collaboration with Aston Martin with the release of the DS Superleggera carThe quest for new creative ventures continues as the company celebrates its 47th year of success and growth.